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October 7, It was the hottest August on record in California. The days brought suffering and the nights offered little relief. Circus Hot maps of the record heat, Southern California glowed like an ember, its normally temperate coast Southegn orange, its inland cities and desert towns a deep, smoldering purple.

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Small charming towns provide a wonderful, relaxing destination in their own right, while large national parks offer active recreation but also an opportunity to get close to the lush nature and diverse wildlife. Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations.

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Coyote Scientific name: Canis latrans Known locally as: Pet-eaters, city dingos Where to Blonde Hausfrau Desnudo them: All over Sexy Southern Cal Women place. So secure trash, keep pet food and Sexy Southern Cal Women inside, and get rid of low-hanging fruit - literally. As the folklore goes, the squirrels were set loose and soon expanded across the Southland with perfect timing as the region grew into what it is today.

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