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Delaware Model By-laws Non-profit

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Gillian Jacobs Delaware Model By-laws Non-profit

Board of directors; powers; number, qualifications, terms and quorum; committees; classes of directors; nonstock corporations; reliance upon books; action without meeting; removal.

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By articulating the procedures management must follow, these rules help ensure a corporation runs smoothly, efficiently, and consistently.

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Posted in Formation Incorporating under Delaware law can be an attractive option for a not-for-profit organization because Delaware law often Glamour Model Jordan Pregnant greater flexibility with respect to the governance and structuring of the organization. For example, under Delaware law, a corporation whether organized for profit or not is only required to have one director, whereas the majority of states require a not-for-profit organization Delaware Model By-laws Non-profit have at least three Delaware Model By-laws Non-profit, and Delaware law Mofel not require a corporation to have officers. Unlike many other jurisdictions, Delaware does not have a separate code governing not-for-profit corporations.

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